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The 4 Rotary Clubs of Southport

The Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013 -


No event is complete without its own souvenirs. We have a couple, which you might like to keep to remind you of your good deed!

The Absolute Proof!

What better souvenir can there be than a photograph of you, your friends and group members. We will take your picture, and print it for you, before you leave. Just give us £1 and we will do the rest!

The Certificate of Completion

A specially printed Certificate of Completion will prove once and for all that you participated in the walk4charity. Once you have finished the walk just go to our special Extras Desk inside the Hall with your signed-off Sponsorship Form and we will print the Certificate for you, complete with your name. The price for this priceless proof that you did good is £1.


If you want to keep your Certificate in pristine condition, why not have it laminated? The Extras Desk will be able to do this for you for a very modest 50p each.

The Good News

All of the profits from producing the Photographs, Certificates, and from the laminations, will go towards our Rotary Charities, local and international.

The walk4charity 2013

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