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Walk Poster

It’s often said that any advertising is good advertising. Mmmm, possibly. But we hope that with an event such as the walk4charity 2013 that all our advertising is good.

Every group and charity has their own favourite ways of advertising their events, and we are quite happy if you want to produce your own posters and leaflets to help your fundraising. Please just make sure that the materials refer to the Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013!

On the other hand, you may prefer to leave the advertising to us. We are quite happy about that, too. What we have done is to produce two slightly different A4 size posters to advertise the walk.

VERSION 1 is the regular poster which advertises the walk and fundraising opportunities and has the Rotary website and Help Line as contact points.

VERSION 2 is almost the same, but it provides a block of space in the poster in which you can write your own information and details.

Both of these are available to print directly from the website. Click on the version you want, and a .pdf file will download and open. All you need do then is print the page as usual.

You will need Adobe Reader, or compatible software, to do this. If it is installed on your PC, it should open automatically when you download the file.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, don’t worry. It is available to install in your PC FREE! Click on the button to start the process!

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Walk Poster

Version 1

Walk Poster

Version 2

Poster v13 1.pdf Poster v13 2.pdf