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Raising Funds

There are a number of simple things which you can do to make sure that your chosen Charity benefits the most from your efforts in walking. It is always worth remembering that, for many Charities, money received from events like this is the most valuable kind of money! Why? Because it comes with no strings attached, no forms to fill in, no reports to write! Here are a few tips which might help:

  1. Find out whether your chosen Charity already has a Fund Raising department or programme. If it has, talk to them about the walk4charity 2013 - it may be something which they could build on, to become a major fundraiser in our area. Pass on our website address, or invite them to contact us by email or send a message via our Scroll! We aren't looking to change or modify (or muscle into!) any existing Fund Raising programmes - the walk4charity is in addition.

  2. If your chosen Charity doesn't have a Fund Raising department, talk to the leader or organiser anyway. The walk4charity 2013 might be just what they have been looking for to mobilise a lot of individual supporters. It could be the start of something great!

  3. Find out whether your chosen Charity can process donations through Gift Aid. If they can, be sure to ask your sponsors to fill in their full name and address on your Sponsorship form, and to tick the Gift Aid box. Every £1 of sponsorship becomes £1.25 as if by magic. (Sponsors need to be tax-payers to do this)

  4. If you are planning to walk on your own, or in a small group, consider how you could expand the number of people you can sign up to walk. Ask your friends and neighbours, or work colleagues, if they would like to take part in doing good! There is a walk4charity 2013 A4 poster you can download and print from this site (or we can send you copies by post) which will fit nicely on to the noticeboard at work, or at the club, or in your local supermarket. The walk4charity is a very sociable event, and walking in a group is much more fun!

  5. Ask everyone you know to sponsor you for the walk. Then ask them to ask all their friends and colleagues to sponsor you as well! Recruit them as fund raisers. You don't need to collect huge amounts of money from a small number of people if you can collect small amounts of money from a larger number of people! And this approach has the benefit that more people will find out about the charity you are supporting.

  6. Don't be afraid to ask. The worst that can happen is that someone will say 'no.' It isn't the end of the world....just remember how much good will be done by the money you raise from everyone who says 'yes!'

To help you with your fundraising, we have a rather striking Walk Poster which will fit nicely into any A4 sized space on any noticeboard. Click HERE go to POSTER for a preview, and to download a copy.

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Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day

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Up Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day
Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day