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The Annual Charity Walk 2007

Footsteps on the Towpath!

History has a habit of repeating itself, so they say, and at least from the point of view of the weather 2007 was an almost exact copy of 2006. Dry morning, not too sunny and not too hot - ideal walking weather - but then, around half past two - the rain started. Fortunately, the majority of our Walkers had started early, and many would have finished the course before the rain started. But all those, including our Intrepid Stewards, and the Sweeper - the chap who walks last to make sure everyone is alright - who got seriously damp, can console themselves with the thought that they were doing good!

The first Rotarians arrive on-site at around 8am, not because we expect any walkers at that early hour, but because it is necessary to erect the gazebo. There have been so many answers to the old question about 'how many Rotarians does it take to put up a tent?' that space forbids me from repeating any of them. That and the fact that I don't want to walk the Walk of Shame at the next Club meeting. Anyhow, bravely, I can state that the real answer is 'several.'

However, by dint of much Executive Action, and coming and going, everything was prepared and for a few precious moments the entire well-oiled machine was ready, waiting for the customers to arrive.

The Walk opened, the Walkers arrived: some by car, some by bus, and some, enthusiastically, on foot. One brave couple had walked five or six miles just to reach the start - and I can vouch for the fact that they made it to the end of the Walk, too! We had organised groups, individuals, scouts and school students, and those of more experience! (Which includes most of the Stewards!) This year, we even had The King walking!

But whatever the age, or occupation of our Walkers, you were all here with one intent. To raise money for Charities and Good Causes, and once again you have succeeded. Thirty five thousand pounds between you all. Plus, of course, anything which the ever-generous tax man will add on through Gift Aid. Wonderful. Even if the brollies had to go up on the way!

But as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words so here, in our Picture Gallery, are tens of thousands of words condensed into a great collection of pictures! If you hover your cursor over the control bar, everything will light up, and you can move on or pause, or set the length of time each picture displays. Don’t worry, it won’t break.

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