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The 7th Annual Charity Walk 2008 - Sunday 18th May

In the Shoes of the Bargees!

The Seventh Annnual Charity Walk was held on Sunday 18th May 2008 and followed the same path as the previous year, along the tow path of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal from Heaton's Bridge to Maghull. Fortunately, the weather was much kinder than it has been of late! Even our 'Sweeper' - the volunteer who walks the walk last of all, to make sure that no problems remain at the end of the event - stayed dry, for the first time in three years. And although they may seem to have the easy job, our stewards who spend hours sitting along the route, counting you out and counting you in again, are much  happier when warm and dry prevails over cold and wet!

This year, 312 Walkers registered for the walk, including 192 who took advantage of the advance booking facilities, and the special rates! On the Tickets to Walk, and the Registration Forms, we asked you to tell us how much you expect to raise for your Charity or Good Cause - we weren't just being nosey, this figure usually adds up to something really impressive! 235 of you told us about your sponsorships, and this works out to £94.73 per walker, on average, approximately! If we then multiply this out across all the walkers, and add in what has been raised for Rotary Charities, the total for this year will probably come to around THIRTY TWO THOUSAND pounds. The amount of good which will be done by this amount of money makes it all worthwhile!

2008 Prize Winners

This year, we awarded prizes for the Best Group costumes and the Best Individual costume.

Click on the medal to see who

won what and how!

But as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words so here, in our Picture Gallery, are tens of thousands of words condensed into a great collection of pictures! If you hover your cursor over the control bar, everything will light up, and you can move on or pause, or set the length of time each picture displays. Don’t worry, it won’t break.

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