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The walk4charity 2010 - Sunday 5th September

The 9th Annual Charity Walk

For the 2009 Walk, we felt that a change would be almost (!) as good as a rest, so a completely new course was planned. Most people seemed to like the change, so for 2010 we kept the same course, starting and finishing at the Dunes Leisure Centre, but decided to change the date. May has become so last year... in fact, there’s nothing at all wrong with May (some of us even choose to have our birthday in May!) apart from the number of other walks taking place at around the same time. The calendar was getting quite full.

So, new season, and newish course; how did we all get on? Read on to find out, and also see this year’s photo gallery...

One thing we can be sure of is that the weather is going to be unpredictable. About the only climatic condition we didn’t experience in the days leading up to the Walk was Arctic gales and blizzards...well, maybe that is a slight  exaggeration, but fortunately the Day itself was more or less ideal, good temperature, dry, with slightly overcast brightness.

We have to admit, though, that despite the clement conditions, the total number of Walkers this year was a bit down on last year’s total. But quality is not the same as quantity, and the hundred-odd people who turned out to do their bit for a favourite charity or good cause have earned, we estimate, more than ELEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS.

Well done you!

Local Historian and member of Southport Rotary Club, Harry Foster has written an eight page illustrated guide to Southport’s Scenic Seafront, to go with the Walk. Copies are available for £1.50 including postage. Send us a message by clicking on the picture, left, and we will contact you with all the details!

But as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words so here, in our Picture Gallery, are tens of thousands of words condensed into a great collection of pictures! If you hover your cursor over the control bar, everything will light up, and you can move on or pause, or set the length of time each picture displays. Don’t worry, it won’t break.

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