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The Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013 -

On Walk Day

The big day has arrived and you want to get started on the Walk. This page will give you all the information you need to make sure that you will be in the right place at the right time with everything you need.

Walking the Walk means spending two or three hours in the open. Please ensure that you provide yourself with appropriate clothing and footwear - which means really comfortable boots or walking shoes. Above all, make sure that you will be warm and comfortable if the weather is bad, or protected from the sun if the weather is good.

You can always click HERE to check the weather on the Latest Weather page.

Rotary Stewards, equipped with mobile phones, will be stationed along the route, to provide any information, help and support needed by walkers. If any emergencies arise, please contact the nearest Stewards, who will liaise with Rotary's Event Control and the Emergency Services, as required. If you have a mobile phone, please bring it with you and, though it may seem obvious, please remember to make sure it is fully charged!

Most of the walk is on canal and country paths, and traffic should not be a problem. There are, however, several points where it will be necessary to cross or follow the road. Although there will be Stewards on duty at various points, the responsibility for your safety is yours. Please, be careful!

The walk is open for starting from 10.00am to 12.30pm. The walk finishes at 3.00pm, at which time our stewards will be progressively withdrawn. We will send a ‘sweeper’ along the route to make sure that there are no problems before our stewards go off duty.

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Registered in Advance?

If you have Registered in advance, you should have with you your Ticket to Walk and your Sponsorship Form/s. You may start the walk whenever you please between 10.00am and 12.30pm. Give your Ticket to Walk to the Steward at the Start, and off you go!

Registering on the Day?

In the Parish Hall there will be Check In Desks, where you can Register for the walk. Please have ready your Sponsorship Form/s, completed Registration Forms, and Entry Fees of £7 per adult and £5 for younger walkers between 8 and 17 years, in cash or as a cheque made payable to 'Southport Meols Rotary Club'

If you need more Registration Forms, these will be available from the Stewards.


Once your Registration has been completed, you will be given Tickets to Walk and you may start the walk whenever you please, at any time between 10.00am and 12.30pm.

You have until 3.00pm to complete the walk, after which time the stewards will be progressively withdrawn from their stations along the route. Lydiate Parish Hall will, however, remain open until 4.00pm, providing hot and cold drinks, and toilet facilities.

As 9.30 to 10.30 is the busiest time, you may prefer to arrive at Lydiate and start your walk between 10.30am and 12.00pm.


Please make sure you have filled in the information on the Ticket to Walk (Sorry if it seems bureaucratic, but it really does help!)

Go to the Start, which will be clearly marked, and hand your Ticket to the Rotary Steward on duty. Once you have done this, you are ON THE WALK!

On leaving the Hall, turn left and cross the field at the back of the Hall, where there will be more Stewards to point you in the right direction. At important turning points and road crossings, there will be Rotary Stewards to show you the way. All along the route there will be arrow signs to make sure you don’t go down a dead end!

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At The Start and Finish

The Start and Finish of the walk, for all walkers, is at Lydiate Parish Hall. The Hall will be open for business from 9.30am on the day.


Inside the Hall, there will be check-in desks for walkers wishing to register on the day, and a number of Rotary stewards who will answer (or try to!) any questions which you may have about the walk and the arrangements which have been made.

Freshly made hot drinks and other light refreshments will be available to buy at the Inner Wheel stall.

For more information click here to visit our FOOD & DRINK page.

Toilets are available inside the Hall.


To help you on your way and remind you of what you achieved at the walk4charity we can take and print photographs of you and your group, or print and laminate Certificates of Completion. All these EXTRAS will be available inside the Hall.

For more information visit our EXTRAS page by clicking HERE

Food and Drink


Well Done!

We hope that you have enjoyed your walk.

Most charities and good causes would never be able to do even a fraction of what they do without the unstinting support of volunteers and enthusiasts like you. So, on their behalf, the organisers would like to say a very loud Thank You for everything that you have done today.

Where Next?

Up Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day
Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day


The Walk finishes at the same place as it started.

Please enter the Hall where, at the Check in Desks, you can have your Sponsorship Form/s officially signed-off to prove you have completed the walk.

If you would like a Photograph or a Certificate of Completion, now is the time to buy it! The Extras Desk will be happy to print these for you while you wait. Just show your signed-off Sponsorship Form/s and we'll do the rest.

Click for more details on the EXTRAS page.

Don't forget that you can still buy hot drinks and other refreshments.

Click for more details on the FOOD & DRINK page.

Toilets are available inside the Hall.

Food and Drink Extras

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Up Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day
Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day