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The Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013 -

The Walk Route

For 2013 we will use the same route as 2012, starting and finishing at Lydiate Parish Hall. The overall length of the walk is about eight miles (13K) though there is an option which provides a shortcut back to the start and reduces the length of the walk to around five miles (8K) To make it easy to follow, we have divided the walk into sections. All walkers should follow Stage One as this is the part of the walk which is common to both the 8K and the 13K walks.

At the end of Stage One is your decision point:

Walkers on the 8K walk should follow Route 8

Walkers on the 13K walk should follow Route 13

Route 8

This is where those walkers on the 10K route will turn off, and head back to the Parish Hall and the Finish

Route 13

This is the longer route back which will take you over the whole length of the walk before returning to the Parish Hall and the Finish.

If you would like to check the route in advance, details are given below. You can find the area covered in the various local A-to-Z type guides, or the whole of the route is covered by the Ordnance Survey Landranger Sheet 108 in the 1:50,000 series.

Stage One - For All Walkers

1. Turn left out of Lydiate Parish Hall towards the field at the rear of the Hall. (S)

2. Go around the field towards the conifers in the far corner. Turn left on to the path. (S)

3. Follow the path down a slope to the canal, and turn sharp right on to the towpath.

4. Continue along the towpath under both Bridge 17A and Dicconson’s Bridge (No 17).

5. Continue past Swing Bridge (No 16) and ‘The Running Horses’ pub on Bell’s Lane.

6. Continue past Swing Bridge (No 15) and Westway Bridge, to Swing Bridge (No 14) (S)

7. Turn right off the canal towpath and follow Shop Lane to the junction with Green Lane.

8. Turn Right, cross the road with care, and go north towards the Westway Roundabout.

9. At the roundabout, take the second road on the left, which is still Green Lane. (S)

10. Continue down Green Lane to a pond in a small wood. Follow the lane to your right.

11. Go past Peel Farm until the lane turns sharply to your right.  

12. Go straight on, past the farm buildings on your left, towards a large metal gate. (S)

13. Follow the wide path around the gate for 250 yards until you come to the Cheshire Lines Path, and turn right (north) on to the Trans Pennine Trail. (Route 62)

14. Continue north along the wide path for about a mile and a quarter, through a small car park.

15. Continue for another one third of a mile to the next farm track (S)

Decision Time!

Do you want to follow the 8K walk or the 13K walk?

Route 8  If you would like the 8K walk, please continue with Route 8 directly below.

Route 13 If you would like the 13K walk, please click HERE to go to Route 13 further down the page.

Route 8 - For Walkers following the 8K Route

26. To continue on the 8K walk, turn right on the farm track, go over the stile beside the gate, and emerge (with care) into Acres Lane. (S)

27. Turn left for 100 yards and cross (with care) to the ‘Footpath’ sign on your right.

28. Follow the path around the field towards and around the right hand side of the woods.

29. When you reach the main Southport Road turn right. (S) Keep to the pavement, past the Scotch Piper Inn. Lydiate Parish Hall is about 100 yards away on your left.

Route 13 - For Walkers following the 13K Route

16. To continue on the 13K walk, continue north for another half mile.

17. Turn right for 100 yards on the farm track, through the metal gate, and emerge with care on to Acres Lane, and turn left. (S)

18. Cross over when it’s safe to do so and, after about 300 yards, turn right in front of two farm cottages. Go towards the gate and through the gap in the fence on your right. (S)

19. Follow the wide tractor tracks across the fields to Holland’s Farm, going to the left of the farm and keeping an eye open for tame rabbits running wild!

20. Go up the lane for a quarter of a mile to St Thomas’s Church, and the junction with the Southport Road. (S)

21. Turn right and walk south, past Church View Farm, for a third of a mile, to the Church. (S)

22. Turn left into Hall Lane for three quarters of a mile, keeping to the right where the road forks.

23. Turn right at the canal bridge (S) and walk down the towpath, under Bridge 18, and continue for about a mile until you reach a stretch of white fencing. Follow the path up to the right, which takes you back into the field behind Lydiate Parish Hall

Congratulations, you have now completed the full Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013. Don’t forget to go into the Parish Hall to have your Sponsorship forms certified!

Rotary Stewards are placed at various strategic points along the route to point you in the right direction and to help if you have a problem. You will find their positions indicated by (S) in the Walk Route


Once you ave completed your walk, what could be better than a lovely hot cup of tea or coffee. Our Inner Wheel friends will be on hand in the Parish Hall to refresh the inner walker! Click to find out more.

Food and Drink


If you would like a Photograph or a Certificate of Completion, now is the time to buy it! The Extras Desk will be happy to print these for you while you wait. Just show your signed-off Sponsorship Form/s and we'll do the rest. Click here for more information.

Congratulations, you have now completed the 8K Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013. Don’t forget to go into the Parish Hall to have your Sponsorship forms certified.

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