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The Canal & Countryside walk4charity 2013 -

Why Walk?

Over the years, several thousand people have taken part in our walk4charity events. They are men and women, boys and girls, fit and less fit, tall and short. Whatever the description, there has probably been a walker to match. But all these people have had one thing in common. Motive. Every one of our walkers has been intent on making life better for someone else. There's nothing selfish or 'me first' here!

Over those years our walkers have raised more than £250,000 and supported several hundred different charities and good causes. Some of these have been large national and international household names; some have been small, individual groups, perhaps a school, or a club or a church group. Whatever the size, and whatever the cause supported, every charity needs to raise money to do its work.

Our Canal & Countryside walk4charity has been designed to take some of the hassle out of fundraising. You don't need to bother about organising your own fundraising event - we have done that for you!

How does our walk work?


* You decide which Charity or Group you want to support

* You ask all your friends and colleagues to sponsor you

* You register for the Walk with us

* You Walk

* You collect all the money from your sponsors

* You give all the money you have collected to your chosen Charity -   


ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of everything you collect goes straight from you to your choice of Charity. All of the costs of organising the walk4charity are met from Entry Fees, and money separately raised for the purpose by  the Rotary Clubs of Southport. If there is anything left over, the surplus will go to our Rotary Charities. These include Polio Plus - aiming to rid the world of Polio, and to our many activities in and around Southport.

For a few tips on raising funds, click HERE to go to our Raising Funds page!

If you would like to Register for the walk4charity, please click HERE to go to the Registration page.

The walk4charity 2013

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Why Walk? Raising Funds Registration Useful Info On Walk Day

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